The Speedwell Foundation AFS Study Abroad Scholarship Program is Not Active

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When you study abroad as a Speedwell AFS Scholar, not only do you learn how to live and interact with people in another part of the world, you get to know more about yourself, expand your horizons and prepare yourself for college and work like no other high school experience can.

Many students choose to study abroad because they want to master a foreign language, or they seek the adventure of exploring another country and its culture. However, if you are on the fence, or perhaps have never considered spending a year of school in another country, you may ask "Why should I study abroad?" How does the experience compare to what might be missed at home, whether it's sports, advanced placement (AP) courses or other extra-curricular activities?  What could you gain from study abroad that you couldn't gain from a typical year in high school?

There are a number of benefits that returning Speedwell AFS Scholars say they have gained from their experiences abroad. These include, in addition to the opportunity to master a foriegn language, the chance to make new friends and network with other AFS participants from around the world. Many also say they developed a new sense of independence and ability to think for themselves. Study abroad also strenghens one's resume on college and employment applications. While other opportunities may claim to offer "a life-changing experience," that is exactly what study abroad delivers.

To get started on your study abroad adventure visit the High School Study Abroad page on the AFS-USA website, which lists choices of destinations throughout the world. If you decide that you want to study abroad, we encourage you to attend a information session and apply. If your scholarship application is successful, AFS-USA will help you find a country and situation that is right for you.

We encourage you to find out more about the Speedwell AFS Scholarship program. Check out our interviews with past and present scholars and learn more about the program on the main AFS-USA website. If interested, you should review the scholarship application and sign up to attend an online information session, which will save you $50 off your application fee.